“Are we as beautiful as these bluebells?? I can’t see them by my goodness, they sure do smell gorgeous!” -Maggie • • • Well I have to say hump day has hit us hard! My mind is gone and the girls are pooped. Today I’ll just give you a little recap of how the filming for Maggie’s telly appearance went. It’s been full of love and tears. Maggie’s number one fan Anne was filmed today at the care home. Listening to her explain what Maggie means to her had me in balling like a baby. She got to see all the kind students at the University and they got to walk and talk to the camera crew. Hopefully telling them lovely things about Maggie Moo. Thank you to the students @sussexdogsoc and to the lovely film crew @bbc can’t wait to see Maggie on telly with her best friend Anne. I’m sorry if my grammar and writing style is a bit off but I’ve been up all night, with excitement and nerves and it’s been such a long day. On top of that I’m a very emotional person as I’m sure you know and think I’m genuinely dehydrated from all the crying. So goodnight from the girls and I! Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be watching Miss Maggie on The one Show the 15th of May!? • • • #pupfluencer #dogsofbark #cutenessalert #blinddogsofinstagram #blinddogsrule #alaskankleekais #alaskankleekaiofinstagram #alaskankleekailover #alaskankleekaisofinstagram #alaskankleekailove #kleekai #kleekaination #kleekaipuppy #kleekaiaddicted #kleekaisofinstagram #fursister #furfriends #furfriendsforever #lovethydog #bluebells #bluebellwoods #bemoremaggie #puppiesofinstagram